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UNSUB 011 Coach Becca Lee on individualized training and her individualized life

EPISODE 011  “Training should be sustainable…from a standpoint of, is it balanced with the rest of your life?”  Becca Lee has led an unsubscribed life, from leading Outward Bound courses out of college to traveling around in a van (yes!) to training strength-focussed athletes at her gym Strength Ratio, in Asheville NC. We covered training, the […]

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UNSUB 010 Anna Levesque: Continuing to thrive

EPISODE 010   “What am I committed to? What action steps am I taking? What empowering conversations am I having?”  On the path of continual thriving, the incredibly self-aware Anna Levesque asks the questions – and notices the Unanswerable Question – about how she can best show up in the world to be of greatest service. Water […]

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UNSUB 008 Chef Matt Collier on hyper-local food and putting restaurants out of business

EPISODE 008  “Understand that there is no perfection in the world.”  Chef Matt Collier of Seeds Library Café, in addition to having wide ranging experiences and opinions about food, has a goal: put restaurants out of business. He’s put in his 10,000 hours and it’s beyond rewarding to share this conversation with someone who has internalized so […]

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UNSUB 007 Sommerville Bevilaqua on expansion, contraction, and getting used to being in our bodies

EPISODE 007  “Who is this person sitting across from me? That’s curiosity, there is no judgement in that question.”  I sat down with Sommerville Bevilaqua fresh out of somatic experiencing training and we talk about what that was like, the art and craft of interviewing via Krista Tippett, and her past and current processes of unsubscription. The […]

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