UNSUB 004 Rob Wyatt on risk mitigation with cars, horses, life choices


...in which we have a conversation with Rob Wyatt, a student of Jenna's who is making the most of his current life. In his 20s Rob was a leader of the team that brought the Xbox into the world. He seems to have gotten wilder with age but he calculates the risks of the adventures he chooses for himself and for his daughter.


Our intro music is "Yoas Project - Do you like funk music" by Sonobox and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Our outro music is "Llegar a ser algo - DavidKBD" also by Sonobox and is also licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Lastly, a quick thank you to La Mochila Co-working in Santo Domingo for letting me use their meeting room for some additional recording.


The unassuming Rob Wyatt and I met through Jenna, at one of her All Terrain Yoga classes. I only knew a little about him when we three sat down in front of microphones; I was mesmerized for the next hour-plus.

We hope you're not confused (for too long) when I chime in mid-interview to summarize the key points of a few minutes of dialogue here and there. For the time being we're committed to keeping each edited episode to under an hour. 

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