UNSUB 008 Chef Matt Collier on hyper-local food and putting restaurants out of business


"Understand that there is no perfection in the world."  

Chef Matt Collier of Seeds Library Café, in addition to having wide ranging experiences and opinions about food, has a goal: put restaurants out of business. He's put in his 10,000 hours and it's beyond rewarding to share this conversation with someone who has internalized so much about the world of food, cooking and restaurants. 


Matt and I are collaborating on a New Year's Eve pop-up café. Matt's six-course menu features traditional New Year's dishes from around the world and as always, the location will be announced only to those who decide to join us. We're looking forward to bringing this meal to the people who take a small leap of faith.


Our intro music is "Yoas Project - Do you like funk music" by Sonobox and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Our outro music is "Llegar a ser algo - DavidKBD" also by Sonobox and is also licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Matt and I met while he was the Chef de Cuisine at the Kitchen and I was a server. It was obvious that he knew what it takes to produce great food at a very high level and he's taking that to the Boulder County Public Library at Seeds Library Cafe. Recently we've been collaborating on my side project, Blank Plate Boulder, putting on pop-up dinners around town. We have one coming up on New Year's Eve, you can reserve a seat at Blank Plate Boulder. 

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