UNSUB 007 Sommerville Bevilaqua on expansion, contraction, and getting used to being in our bodies


“Who is this person sitting across from me? That’s curiosity, there is no judgement in that question."  

I sat down with Sommerville Bevilaqua fresh out of somatic experiencing training and we talk about what that was like, the art and craft of interviewing via Krista Tippett, and her past and current processes of unsubscription. The poetry of Saint Francis, Rilke, and Hafiz may have been butchered along the way.




I waited on Sommerville and her friend two years ago at the Kitchen and we became fast friends. I've been gifted much relief and growth through regular visits to a therapist in Boulder and I'm super interested in them and their work, so hearing Sommerville articulate her take on Somatic Experiencing back then and then again last week, right after she finished her three-year training, was fun for me, and we couldn't have been in a more beautiful place to record. I hope some of that comes through.