UNSUB 006 Sara Brito: celebrating transparent foodways and unsubscribing at 40


Do "farm-to-table" restaurants actually buy and serve "Good Food?" Food transparency advocate Sara Brito founded Good Food 100 Restaurants because she wants (all of us) to know! We talk about the steps Sara took to unsubscribe, her journey from a career of branding for Big Food (Domino's!) to her current livelihood of working to increase public awareness of what Good Food is — where it comes from and the impact restaurants and the rest of us have with our financial choices.


"By having the courage to take that right next move, the doors would open and the future of the next next would reveal itself."


Our intro music is "Yoas Project - Do you like funk music" by Sonobox and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Our outro music is "Llegar a ser algo - DavidKBD" also by Sonobox and is also licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Sara and I worked together in the Kitchen organization in Boulder CO. We both moved on to our own things and on a stunning day in November found ourselves at the Boulder Public Library in front of a couple of microphones.

I had a vague notion of what Sara was up to but the more I heard during this conversation the more dumbfounded I was. If you love restaurants and are conscientious about the paths your money takes then this conversations will be right up your alley. I left this conversation with a new appreciation for how much work there still is to do regarding our food system and gratitude for the people like Sara who are doing it. 

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