UNSUB 005 Lucy Ross on being boss of her own life and refining our experience as humans


...featuring powerhouse Lucy Ross, a self-described full-time dork refining her way down the spiritual path. In our conversation Lucy talks about dealing with depression, approaching a potential mentor, and starting out without working for free.


" 'You light up the world by tending to your own flame' "


Our intro music is "Yoas Project - Do you like funk music" by Sonobox and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Our outro music is "Llegar a ser algo - DavidKBD" also by Sonobox and is also licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Lastly, a quick thank you to La Mochila Co-working in Santo Domingo for letting me use their meeting room for some additional recording.


The two LRs met in Portland in July 2017 where L.R. was passing through and Lucy was attending the World Domination Summit. After a meetup she and I got to chatting and walking and we ended up at a fancy shaved ice stand and I realized I was in the presence of someone smarter than your average bear, who also had her act together in the various aspects of her life. When she came to Boulder in October for meditation instruction she seemed excited to have this conversation with us; we were definitely excited to have her on the show!


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