UNSUB 011 Coach Becca Lee on individualized training and her individualized life


“Training should be sustainable...from a standpoint of, is it balanced with the rest of your life?"  

Becca Lee has led an unsubscribed life, from leading Outward Bound courses out of college to traveling around in a van (yes!) to training strength-focussed athletes at her gym Strength Ratio, in Asheville NC. We covered training, the challenges of running a business, the responsibility of people to be proactive about maintaining their health, and the personal trajectory of Becca's inspiring life. Such a good conversation.



During the first week of the year I was checking out Asheville NC and former Unsubscribe guest Sommerville Bevilaqua gave me an email introduction to Becca as a possible interviewee. After a cursory online exploration it was obvious that Becca was a great fit for the show and our conversation definitely bore this out. 


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