UNSUB 009: A survey of intentions for 2018!


...in which we share the intentions for 2018 of staff and guests at the Blank Plate Boulder New Year's Eve pop-up dinner.



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Blank Plate Boulder organizes pop-up dinners by getting together chefs, designers, and beverage folks who want to get creative and work outside the realm of what they do day-to-day. Then we make available seats at the table to people who want to be a part of the community that forms once a month to enjoy these offerings.

This year we hosted a New Year's Eve dinner and as one of the things we did to make it different than any other New Year's Eve dinner, we sat down with the staff and guests and recorded their intentions for the coming year so we could share the recording back to them, and with the rest of the world. With hope their courage in putting this out there will inspire anyone who isn't completely satisfied with the way their life looks right now. I know I was inspired to sit down with these people and again as I edited the episode. If you take the time to listen, I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it.



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