UNSUB 003 L.R., his Toyota Previa, and connection hospitality


...in which co-host Jenna speaks with L.R. about his recent re-emergence from his van and the real job of people in the service industry. 

Jenna led the conversation in unexpected directions and the result was a super fun experience.



Connect with L.R.:

Blank Plate Boulder – L.R.'s experiential food project

LRMTBR - L.R.'s catch-all blog



Mentioned on the show:

Mr. Money Mustache

The Kitchen


French service

Russian service

Our intro music is "Yoas Project - Do you like funk music" by Sonobox and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Our outro music is "Llegar a ser algo - DavidKBD" also by Sonobox and is also licensed under a Creative Commons License.


As mentioned in the notes for Episode 002, this is the third time Jenna interviewed me — the first didn't record and the second was way too long. I don't think either of us is 100% happy with our performances for these three episodes, but we also know that at some point you just have to ship it.​

There's an Ira Glass quote floating around about the conundrum of being so inspired by a medium or art form that you start to create in it, but then your aesthetic taste – which got you into the thing to begin with – knows that you're not that great at it. You can quit or push through to competence.

Here's to pushing through. Thanks for joining.

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