UNSUB 001 What unsubscribing means to us

EPISODE 001: What Unsubscribe means to us  

EPISODE 001!!!!!!!!  We did it — our first episode! In which we talk about...you can probably guess 😉 

We mention not wanting to edit too much and honoring the process (of maturing as podcast hosts, implying the opposite), and then I proceeded to remove over a minute of ums and uhs from this 20 minute episode. Hahaha

We had a blast and we'll only get better. Hope you enjoy.



Boulder Public Library (our unofficial HQ, where you can reserve meeting rooms, or study, or eat way-better-than-library-café food...)

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (Resistance is real.)


While editing three episodes I've noticed a trend: I let humorous moments go by without acknowledging them. I think I'm too in my head, whatwith the headphones and microphones and mixer and other person/people.

Today I came across a note in Evernote and was reminded of one of these humorless instances. It takes place during this show when Jenna makes a joke about me coming up with the name and I neglected a chance for a conversation about the backstory.

I was living in LA and Jenna and I were talking on the phone about this podcast. These are the unedited notes I came across today, under the title "Jenna's musings." I was typing them out as we were talking.

Serving Boldly - a good luck at the grit required to do meaningful work with integrity

Risk Takers - living and sharing the dream so you don’t have to

Boulder, Etc. - 

The risk is living a boring and unfulfilled life

What we’re doing is remaining free from constraints that don’t need to be real

What we’re doing is perceived by society as risky but but the risk is living a boring and unfulfilled life.

Not subscribing to the constraints

A bird sings because it has a song.

The Matrix.

removing the shackles of society’s expectations.

Everybody has something they would benefit from unsubscribing from.

After that second mention related to subscribing I remember saying that Unsubscribe would be a good name for the show. I'm pretty sure we both remarked about getting goosebumps. To continue the humorlessness and to set the record straight – as in, not take credit that I don't deserve, and give credit where due – I plucked the name out of Jenna's unsurprisingly articulate stream-of-consciousness.

As with most of the best things in life, it was a collaborative effort.


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