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UNSUB 008 Chef Matt Collier on hyper-local food and putting restaurants out of business

EPISODE 008  “Understand that there is no perfection in the world.”  Chef Matt Collier of Seeds Library CafĂ©, in addition to having wide ranging experiences and opinions about food, has a goal: put restaurants out of business. He’s put in his 10,000 hours and it’s beyond rewarding to share this conversation with someone who has internalized so […]

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UNSUB 006 Sara Brito: celebrating transparent foodways and unsubscribing at 40

EPISODE 006  Do “farm-to-table” restaurants actually buy and serve “Good Food?” Food transparency advocate Sara Brito founded Good Food 100 Restaurants because she wants (all of us) to know! We talk about the steps Sara took to unsubscribe, her journey from a career of branding for Big Food (Domino’s!) to her current livelihood of working to […]

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