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UNSUB 011 Coach Becca Lee on individualized training and her individualized life

EPISODE 011  “Training should be sustainable…from a standpoint of, is it balanced with the rest of your life?”  Becca Lee has led an unsubscribed life, from leading Outward Bound courses out of college to traveling around in a van (yes!) to training strength-focussed athletes at her gym Strength Ratio, in Asheville NC. We covered training, the […]

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UNSUB 010 Anna Levesque: Continuing to thrive

EPISODE 010   “What am I committed to? What action steps am I taking? What empowering conversations am I having?”  On the path of continual thriving, the incredibly self-aware Anna Levesque asks the questions – and notices the Unanswerable Question – about how she can best show up in the world to be of greatest service. Water […]

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